If You Want To Let Go Of Unwanted Habits And Behaviours (And Stop The Emotional Triggers That Make You Do That Stuff), Read This:

But first, a warning. This is not for everyone. If you’re not yet ready to take ownership of your part, my services might not be for you. “There is no change without change.” Any personal transformation requires the desire to take action. I’m sorry to tell you I don’t have a magic wand.

The old, out-of-date thinking used to be to label that stuff as “self-sabotage.”

Here’s the ground breaking truth: behind every action is a positive intent. Even though you consciously know that old habit or behaviour has overstayed it’s welcome, part of your mind is holding onto it out of perceptions of safety and security. Through hypnosis, your mind can generate new behaviours that actually support you and benefit your highest emotional needs.


This brief disclaimer is to share with you, your desire to be a catalyst for change is essential for the success of this process . It cannot work without your total commitment. That statement applies to the whole process and not just just about hypnosis.


Lorna 2018

 Amy is so professional and very passionate about her work. She has such a warm and caring approach that makes you feel instantly at ease. She provides an articulate and easy understanding to your needs. The session I had left me feeling so much more confident and better about myself.

Eye Movement Therapy
I actually can't remember what traumatic memory or circumstance of mine Amy used this technique for! I know it sounds crazy but I cannot remember. I can remember the session but cant remember the memories I had to picture and think of. I had a basic and very quick session so it proves to me its powerful stuff! I would recommend anyone who has PTSD to contact Amy about this as its becoming one of the best psyco therapies available.

Heidi Crossan 2018

Amy is an amazing coach who makes you feel instantly welcomed, relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend booking for a session with her, as she can cater to so many different needs. Her passion and skill for helping others really shows in her work.

Ema Ward 2019

Prior to my first session I had no preconceptions as this is something I have never accessed before.
Amy made me feel at ease. Instantly. The session was tailored to my own needs. 
Throughout the session Amy used a number of techniques one of which was, eye movement therapy. This was very insightful and helped me to think about stress triggers in my past and how to re-train my mind/thoughts

I have left my session feeling relaxed and more in tune with what my mind and body needs. I feel I have learnt new strategies to assist me with improving my emotional wellbeing.

Amy, I can't thank you enough.

Irena Jurczenko 2019

Why did I choose to book an appointment with Amy? Several aspects in my life had changed and I felt completely lost and unsure how to move forward. I felt rooted to the spot. I understood that I needed to change my mind set but had completely no idea how to achieve it or even if this was possible. I wanted to improve my future self, and not repeat old habits.


I had five sessions with Amy(spanning over 5 months). All sessions were tailor made to me, she used different techniques and exercises – not all of them made sense at the time – but she assured me they would with time, and they did. Some made sense days later and some are working their magic now, and I have no doubt that these are lifelong lessons.


“Sometimes I wake up and I have to remind myself: “There is nothing wrong with me. I have patterns to unlearn, new behaviours to embody and wounds to heal. But there is nothing wrong with the core of me and who I am. I am unlearning generations of accumulated harm and I am remembering love. It takes time.”


Not all the sessions are easy, they aren’t meant to be, but all I would say is go with it, embrace it and you will get the most amazing outcomes. Now, I can’t promise you Amy will make you richer, thinner, have amazing eye brows or have flawless dance moves!!! But she will re-ignite YOU.

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