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Stress RE-SET  Programme

For Overworked and Stressed Out Teachers! 

Working in schools you are faced with lots of hopelessness and helplessness… wondering what the hell you got yourself into! There you were, finding yourself in a place of stress, anxiety and perhaps some moments of despair!

And when you are the one that is supposed to hold to all it all together, it can play havoc with your self-esteem and confidence.

You haven’t listened to your body because you can’t take your eye off the ball for one minute, and now you have back pain, headaches, and an array of health issues related to stress.

Stress is the no 1 killer and cause of health problems in the UK. A stressful workplace can make you unwell and it can easily creep into life outside of work.

Teaching is considered to be the third most stressful occupation in the UK. A whopping 60% of teachers expressed that they were stressed out!

Many educators are considering leaving for the first time ever or have already left the profession altogether due to stress.

That constant flow of teacher’s in and out of the classroom has a detrimental effect on children’s learning.

They’ve just built up a relationship with their teacher and now they have 6 months with various supply teachers or non -specialists because the usual teacher is on the sick with stress.

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Having worked in schools for over 10 years, I am writing this against a background of being one of those teachers who got frustrated and failed to show calmness. Yes, I have been there too.

And it wasn’t until I discovered a much easier way of managing my EMOTIONS, and STRESS LEVES that things began to change for the better, not just for me but for my students.

I was able to draw upon practical techniques that allowed me to bring myself into a state of calmness and confidence, able to deal with whatever was thrown at me that day! 


This had nothing but a positive impact on my students.

Imagine having that choice to be in control and manage your emotions effectively to build better relationships with the young people you serve. That’s exactly what you will learn in my Stress Reset Programme.

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Young people are at a delicate stage of their development, they are constantly looking to their external environment for ROLE MODELS, (Yes, that us!) Unconsciously, soaking up information on how to be a grown up!


And, the majority of that time they are surrounded by overworked, under immense pressure, stressed to the limit and on the brink of a burnout!

What exactly are we modelling here?

For young people to have positive role models we need calm, in control and confident teachers who can lead by example. Which is exactly why I developed my programme!

The programme consists of three particular elements ;

The Emotional Detox  In this section of the programme we will release stress and anxiety out of the mind and body, using up to date evidence based techniques and Hypnosis. To Enable you to discover, how to feel confidently calm on your own, anytime, anywhere and without anyone knowing you are doing anything!


Quality Revitalization We will tap into those existing skills that you absolutely have and put them to use easily and effectively so that, you can teach from a place of calm and of control. Ultimately, allowing you more choice in how you prioritise yourself  and you respond.

Environmental Resiliency When you're the one who's meant to keep it all together ,YOU CAN actually keep it all together! Throughout the programme you will develop a greater sense of awareness, taking back control of your thoughts, your feelings and actions. This allows you to LEAD in a way that's right for you and your students.  

Simply click the button to Get Started. From there you'll be directed to a calendar to schedule the best time for us to chat to see if this is a good fit for you and your staff. 



"You have Power Over Your Mind- Not outside events. Realise This And You Will Find Strength"

-Marcus Aurelius

English Teacher 

The programme was fantastic. Amy has given me new strategies to manage stress and anxiety. My students have benefitted and I have been more present in the classroom. Personally, the strategies Amy has given me has allowed me to be myself again.

Business Studies Specialist 

This programme has been amazing! It’s helped me far more than I realised it would. I have a far more positive outlook on life and I am able to use the techniques Amy has shown us every day. I can now take a step back and feel more in control in the classroom and in my personal life. I feel much calmer and others are seeing a calmer me.

Head Of P.E Department 

This programme has made me realise ,what I need to focus on aNd what is important to me in life. I have learnt some amazing strategies that work!  I've been more able to deal with stressful situations when they arise. 

Modern Foreign Language Teacher 

I  took  part  in this programme to relax, re-centre, to deal with anxiety and empower myself.  I am now  all of the above with an increased powers of observation and better awareness of who I am! Every session just reinforced the other in strongly showing us who we are. Helping us find our true selves again. A lovely experience! Thank you!

Head Of Year 

Since I took part in this programme I have been able to deal with challenging situations  much more calmer a and effectively , this has had a positive impact on my students. I am now much more in control of my responses and also how  I mange my time. I particular found the session on Time very interesting and helpful. 

English Teacher 

The sessions were brilliant. I am finding things that were overwhelming me a lot easier to cope with. I feel like I’ve been able to re-evaluate my priorities and can put things into perspective more effectively. I am much calmer at home. I am able to switch off easier from work when I get home. I would definitely take the chance to use this again and would be interested in working with Amy again to work on some more personal issues.

Simply CLICK the button to get started. You will be redirected to a calendar to book in the best time for us to chat to discuss how this will work for you and your team!

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