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The Upwards Future Programme 

Helping Young People In School, Who's Future Seems To Be On A Downward Slope, To Discover A Brighter Future For Themselves!

In the same way, young people need to be taught the skills to solve math problems in class; they need to be taught the skills and capabilities to manage stress and anxiety. The Upwards Future Programme is aimed at young people to do exactly that!

Schedule a time with Amy to chat about how this will be a good fit for your school, simply CLICK the button and select a time and date now. 

The Upwards Future Programme helps young people to thrive in school by focusing on the three key areas below:

 Strong Foundations Of Confidence

Creating the foundations from which all other aspects can grow, discovering how to;

  • Be more confident and in control

  • Manage their own mental and emotional state  

  • Reduce anxiety and stress 

  • Develop a positive sense of self 


“Confidence  is a skill and just like any skill it can be taught." - Tony Robbins.

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New Angles Of Strength 

Creating the best environment within themselves which means they will;

  • Develop a new, healthier, perspective of themselves

  • Discover what makes them tick and how to respond better 

  • Improve their behaviour and attitude towards learning

"To Change Ourselves effectively, we first had to change our Perceptions” - Stephen R. Covey

Lock In Engagement 

This is where we link the necessities of school to the their own future aspirations so that they can easily;

  • Increase their motivation 

  • Break down the barriers around learning 

  • Develop positive aspirations for themselves

  • Improve their attendance to school


“It's not the destination, it's the journey” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

To schedule a time with Amy to chat about how this will be a good fit  for your school simply click the button and select a time and date now. 

“One of the best outcomes for students is working with Amy. She can unpick and heal many an issue for students which ultimately equips them for life's challenges. Amy can transform disenchanted students into emotionally resilient young adults who can achieve academic and personal success”

— B. McCrudden, Vice Principle

"We are grateful for Amy's contributions to the well-being of both our students and staff. Her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to connect with people make her an asset to any organisation seeking impactful coaching and workshop facilitation. We highly recommend Amy for her outstanding work and dedication to fostering positive change."

— N. Holder, Head Teacher

Contact Info;


"With over a decade of experience as a Head of Year, I have been devoted to supporting young people in schools and aiding them in enhancing their academic performance. My primary focus revolves around helping students improve their grades and overall achievement by addressing and overcoming stress and anxiety issues. Utilising my professional coaching strategies and therapeutic interventions, allows me to play a pivotal role in guiding students through the challenges of school life." - Amy Cinnamond

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