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Coaching for children and young people

 This programme is focused on what's great about you, and how together we can harness that and put it to use easily and effectively.

I provide 1-2-1 and group programmes for young people in schools and at home whether that's in person or online. 


here are a few of the areas that we can work on;

  • Skills to help reduce anxiety, so you can get on with your day comfortably.

  • increase your confidence to feel good in your own skin! 

  • Reduce feelings of Anger/Frustration to improve relationships with yourself and others.

  • Reduce exam Stress. imagine doing those exams feeling in control, calm and confident!

 And much so much more!

Image by Hannah Busing

"I was suffering with bad anxiety and fear, which I have now completely turned around. I am so much happier!" - KM

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